The Superior Chapter is made up of 19 counties north of Sacramento, and up to the Oregon border.  Beginning October 2016, the Superior Chapter will include Sacramento and El Dorado counties.  One of our goals is to have training within a reasonable distance from your agency at some point in the year.  To accomplish this, we hold training/meetings all over the Chapter region to enable far reaching agencies to benefit.

There are seven (7) Chapters, including Superior, all throughout California.  The Superior Chapter meets six (6) times per year, to include two (2) Regional Trainings.  Additionally, CLEARS has an Annual Training and Technology Seminar.  The opportunities to receive training are abundant.

In making the decision to become a member of CLEARS, you have taken the first step on an educational journey that will sustain you throughout your entire career in Law Enforcement Records Management.  Regardless of your job title, everyone benefits from what CLEARS has to offer.

With your membership you will receive a copy of the most current CPR, (Calif. Police Recorder), which is an on-line magazine dedicated to Records Management.  You will also receive our Annual Training Calendar and current Membership Roster.

You will find that the more involved you are, the more you and your agency will benefit from the training that is offered.  As well as the valuable networking and sharing of information with your neighboring agencies.  CLEARS is also very involved in the legislative process.  There is something for everyone in the CLEARS organization, offering many levels of involvement depending upon your interest.